2020 marks a very special moment in Hamburg’s dance history: Kampnagel, K3|Tanzplan Hamburg, the School of the Hamburg Ballet John Neumeier and the National Youth Ballet are honored to be presenting the 7th edition of the Biennale Tanzausb ildung and will be welcoming a total of 18 dance schools in Germany. To have this unique competition and the exchange of a developing dance scene as a guest strengthens the diverse dance landscape in Hamburg and serves as an invitation to have a theoretical and practical exchange at the Ballet Centre Hamburg John Neumeier and Kampnagel. The 7th Bienn ale Tanzausbildung 2020 Hamburg is a project of the Ausbildungskonferenz Tanz and enables participants of this edition to address issues of theoretical and practical work approaches in dance within Trainings, Ateliers, Do-Shops, artistic presentations, a symposium and a dance battle. This platform is valuable and future-oriented – especially this year: on the one hand, national and international schools will be guests; on the other, the Biennale will take place parallel to FOKUS TANZ #6, the annual dance festival at Kampnagel, in which the students will present their own pieces.


Under the heading CITY OF DA NCES, two of the most important Hamburg dance events will be unified this season: the 7th Biennale Tanzausbildung 2020 Hamburg will take place parallel to the 6th edition of Fokus Tanz. Approximately 150 students from German and international educational institutions will meet for a week to expand their perspective on dance as an art form. This year, exchange is being broadened beyond national borders. In addition to nine German dance schools as members of the Ausbildungskonferenz Tanz, nine international educational institutions are invited to contribute their knowledge and abilities within the Biennale. This year’s Biennale will also offer two grants for dance students with special needs, in order to make their attendance at the event possible. Under this year’s motto, CITY OF DANCES, Hamburg celebrates the diversity of dance by announcing an invitation to look beyond the Eurocentric norm thus offering global forms of a dance platform. After the Tanzkongress 2009 and German Dance Platform 2014, CITY OF DANCES is a further important event that demarcates Hamburg as an impulsegiving dance city on the international map.