Stiftung John Neumeier © Kiran West


Monday 17. February 16:00


During the Biennale, the participants can visit the archive of the Foundation John Neumeier.
John Neumeier‘s dance and ballet collections, accumulated over a period of decades, form a unique amalgamation of an art collection, a library and an archive that is renowned in academic circles around the world. The function and aim of the Foundation is to preserve and portray the history of ballet through words and images, documents and objects and to present them together with the catalogue of John Neumeier‘s work in a comprehensible and tangible way within a sympathetic artistic environment.
The Foundation John Neumeier was founded on February 23 of 2006. It represents in a sense a »third pillar« of John Neumeier‘s artistic activities in Hamburg – a place designed for dance studies and the research, documentation and presentation of dance – together with the Hamburg State Opera, the performance venue of John Neumeier‘s ballets and the Ballet Centre Hamburg John Neumeier, where the ballets are created and the dancers learn their craft.

Feb 17, 4:00–5:00 pm + 5:00–6:00 pm
Feb 19, 1:00–2:00 pm
Feb 20, 4:00–5:00 pm + 5:00–6:00 pm
Feb 21, 1:00–2:00 pm

Station Kellinghusenstraße (Meeting point)

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Mentoring MA-Students
Sebastian Matthias © Jörg Letz

Mentoring MA-Students

Monday 17. February 16:30


The MA students participating in the 7th Bienn ale Tanzausb ildung 2020
Hamburg will take part in the training and Do-Shop programmes like all other students. In addition, they are cordially invited to provide critical support for the Biennale and reflect on the content, structures and working methods, based on chosen interest, which may correlate with topics in their MA -programme. The MA students are supervised by the dance scholar, choreographer and dancer Sebastian Matthias who supports them as a mentor in the process of their project implementation. The respective focus is defined in advance in an exposé and jointly specified on the first day of the Biennale. Sebastian Matthias will accompany the work during the week. At the end of the Biennale it will be presented to all of the participants as a critical reflection and summary.

Mentor: Sebastian Matthias

Feb 17, 4:30–6:45 pm
Feb 22, 9:30–12:30 pm

Kampnagel, Jarrestraße 20, 22303 Hamburg, room K33

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Biennale Hang Out

Thursday 20. February 23:00

The Biennale will be an exciting but intensive week of learning and training. We want to make sure however that there is also plenty of time to relax and socialize between workshops. The Biennale Hang Outs will give you the perfect excuse to blow off some steam over a few drinks and, maybe, some more dancing with your fellow participants. Soundtrack will be provided by DJs yung_womb (Thursday) and David Lenk (Friday).

Feb 20/21, 11 pm

Kampnagel, Jarrestraße 20, 22303 Hamburg, KMH

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Book Presentation

Book Presentation

Saturday 22. February 17:30


Scholar Gabriele Klein (Hamburg University) presents her new book »Pina
Bausch‘s Dance Theater. Company, Artistic Practices, and Reception«. After that she discusses the relevance and significance of scientific and artistic research in BA- and MA -dance programmes with Stephan Brinkmann, head of the dance department at Folkwang University, and the freelance choreographer and dance scholar Sebastian Sebastian Matthias.

The english edition of »Pina Bausch‘s Dance Theater. Company, Artistic Practices, and Reception« will be published by Columbia Press in May 2020.

Prof. Dr. Gabriele Klein, Stephan Brinkmann, Sebastian Matthias

Feb 22, 5:30 pm – in German language

Kampnagel, Jarrestraße 20, 22303 Hamburg, Foyer

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Biennale Closing Party

Saturday 22. February 23:00


It’s the last evening of the 7th Bienn ale Tanzausb ildung 2020 Hamburg
and the festival Fok us Tanz #6 – there could be no better reason for an excessive party serving a mix of hip hop and dancehall tunes – bassy, trappy and bouncy! The late night highlight of the festival will bring two international DJs to the kmh-Club providing a space for audience, dance students from all over the world and international festival artists to celebrate together until the early morning. Express yourself – don’t repress yourself…

Feb 22, 11:00 pm

For ticketholders, artists, and participants of the Biennale Tanzausbildung 2020

Kampnagel, KMH

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Cool Down and Feedback

Sunday 23. February 10:00

After a packed, intense week, farewells are imminent. To shape this as a common experience, the Biennale has planned a last, reflexive session on Sunday morning. The start will be a physical cool down at 10:00 am, headed by the choreographer Victoria Hauke. In order to be able to review all events of the past week, the body needs to be awakened, which is what good dancers do. This will occur in the big group of all Biennale participants. Victoria Hauke’s roots in dance are based on release techniques, Tai Chi Chuan, Qi-Gong and yoga; she will use these to enrichen the cool-down session.

In a discussion after the session, all participants will look into the future and imagine what terms and conditions might characterize a network meeting for up-and-coming generations of dancers.

Feb 23, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Kampnagel, Jarrestraße 20, 22303 Hamburg, K2

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