Under the heading CITY OF DANCES, two of the most important Hamburg dance events will be unified this season: the 7th Biennale Tanzausbildung will take place in parallel to the 6th edition of FOKUS TANZ. Approximately 150 students from German and international educational institutions will come together for a week to expand their perspectives on dance as an art form. This year, exchange is being broadened beyond national borders. In addition to nine German dance schools as members of the Ausbildungskonferenz Tanz, nine international educational institutions are invited to contribute their knowledge and abilities within the Biennale.

The choreographers in the sixth edition of FOKUS TANZ will show in performances, which couldn’t be more different, what contemporary dance can look like today, and include origins and their own biographic perspectives.

The energetic culmination of the week will be a first-ever dance battle in which all dance branches are brought onto the big K6 stage. The week will also lead to the kick-off event for Kampnagel and K3’s new form of dance (pre-)education in Hamburg: the BOTTOM-UP DANCE SCHOOL. It is an approach that disrupts top-down structures and creates a never-before seen, commonly designed teaching plan.