Bea Carolina Remark

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ByAnja Michalke

Bea Carolina Remark

Bea Carolina Remark is a dance teacher, performer, creative dance and movement therapist, body therapist, dance and theatre practitioner, poet and alternative practitioner (HP). Spastically paralyzed since birth, she is an expert in her own field.

She has worked for years with choreographers, dance and theatre professionals, therapists, colleges, universities and other institutions and gives workshops at home and abroad. The development of diversity in cultural and political education, the development of equivalence in the world, but also the development of peace processes – in the sense of reflecting on and changing the view of the normal ideal of a society – is a major concern of hers.

Her curiosity is especially directed towards a constant examination and encounter with the foreign, the other, nature and life itself. Movement must be found, is always new. A pendulum between attention and devotion. After each deep encounter, we are no longer who we were, each encounter transforms us.

Numerous further education and training courses in the fields of dance, theatre, bodywork, body therapy, trauma therapy, systemic therapy, yoga.

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