Sebastian Matthias

Sebastian Matthias © Jörg Letz
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Sebastian Matthias

Sebastian Matthias, born 1980, works internationally as a choreographer with production houses and established institutions such as Luzerner Theater and CORPUS / Royal Danish Ballet. He studied dance at Juilliard School in New York and dance studies at Freie Universität Berlin. In his choreographic work, he deals with modular improvisation systems he develops collectively with the dancers. He elaborated his artistic-scientific research approach as an associated artist at K3 | Zentrum für Choreographie and graduated in 2018 within the graduate college Versammlung und Teilhabe: Urbane Öffentlichkeiten und performative Künste at HafenCity Universität Hamburg. In 2018, his dissertation project with the title ” Gefühlter Groove –Kollektivität zwischen Dancefloor und Bühne” was published by transcript Verlag.

Since 2019, Matthias works as a research assistantant at the research project Participatory Art Based Research of HCU Hamburg, K3 and Fundus/Forschungstheater. Due to the KSB funding Doppelpass, he will be cooperating closely with Bürgerbühne/Staatschauspiel Dresden and Theater Basel until 2021.

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