Amelie Deuflhard

Amelie Deuflhard © Julia Steinigeweg
ByAnja Michalke

Amelie Deuflhard

Amelie Deuflhard has been the artistic director of Kampnagel since 2007. It is Europe’s largest production center for independent performing arts; works on the interfaces between theater, performance, dance, music, visual arts and architecture are realized here. From 2000 to 2007, she directed the Sophiensæle in Berlin. In 2003, she was chairwoman of the „Zwischen Palast Nutzung” association and, in 2004/5, she was one of the artistic directors of the “Volkspalast”, a festival-like program of the half-deconstructed Palast der Republik. She belonged to the four-member curator team for the “Theater der Welt” festival in 2017, which was organized by the Thalia Theater and Kampnagel in Hamburg in 2017. She has also been active in a number of juries and curators.

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