Atelier 1

Orphee et Eurydice © Kiran West
ByAnja Michalke

Atelier 1

Dancing with a company

Participants work on an excerpt from John Neumeier’s repertoire: Orphée et Eurydice.
John Neumeier has always exceeded common expectations by not letting himself be defined solely as an artist in the role of a choreographer. With the premiere of Christoph Willibald Gluck’s Orphée et Eurydice at the Lyric Opera Chicago in 2017, he directed the opera as well as taking the responsibility of the choreography, the stage design, costume and lighting design – thus enabling an unexpected fusion of ballet and opera. The inspiration for this innovative production was the Parisian version of 1774, for which the composer provided extensive dance performances.
For John Neumeier, however, the dynamic coupling of music and dance is not an end in itself. His modern adaptation of the plot framework is inspired by Gluck’s idea of making human emotions intuitively tangible: “We have all had experiences of loss –even if they do not reach the dimensions of madness that I think can be shown in ‘Orphée’.”

Teacher: Janusz Mazoń

Feb 18 + 19, 11-12 am, room Fokine

Ballettzentrum Hamburg John Neumeier, Caspar-Voght-Straße 54, 20535 Hamburg

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