Rosemary Helliwell

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Rosemary Helliwell

Rosemary Helliwell is presently Acting Director of the Academy of Dance of the state funded Mannheim University of Music and Performing Arts, having been previously the Deputy Head of the dance department under Prof. Birgit Keil. She has also been an active jury member of the Choreographic Center Heidelberg for several years. After studying dance in England at the Doreen Bird College and at the John Cranko School Stuttgart, she began her career as a dancer with the Stuttgart Ballet. After her first choreographic works for the young choreographers’ Noverre Society in Stuttgart, she went on to choreograph for Márcia Haydée and became resident choreographer of the Stuttgart Ballet. Rosemary Helliwell has also choreographed ballets for the London City Ballet, Northern Ballet Theatre (Manchester), National Ballet of Finland, National Ballet of Peru, Irish National Ballet, City Contemporary Dance Company Hong Kong, Ballet Philipines (Manila), Ballet St. Gallen (Switzerland), Ballet of the City of Koblenz, Ballet of the National Theatre Mannheim, Ballet of the Kiel Opera House, Dance Foundation Birgit Keil, and for the Ballet of the Landestheater Coburg.

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