Training Ballet

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Training Ballet

The classical training of the School of the Hamburg Ballet is based on the Vaganova method and is used individually by the teachers of the school to build the focus of the training.
John Neumeier, speaking about the School of the Hamburg Ballet: “As a choreographer I have created a company with a unique image and founded a school that combines two important elements. A school with and without its own style. The school has its own style because it is closely associated with the Hamburg Ballet and with myself as its chief choreographer. It is also without a particular style because we offer a solid, all-round dance education. This training equips young dancers with the tools required to establish themselves in the dance world of today, preparing them for a fulfilling professional life.”

Teachers: Gigi Hyatt, Kevin Haigen, Anna Urban, Carolina Borrajo, Leslie Hughes, Christian Schön, guest teachers: Rosemarie Helliwell, Jason Beechey

Feb 18/19/21/22, 9:15 -10:45 am, rooms Fokine & Petipa
Feb 19/21, 10:45 – 12:00 noon, room Nijinsky
Feb 20, 9:15 – 10:30 am, rooms Fokine & Petipa

Ballettzentrum Hamburg John Neumeier, Caspar-Voght-Straße 54, 20535 Hamburg

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