Indrani Delmaine

Indrani Delmaine © Kiran West
ByUlrike Steffel

Indrani Delmaine

Indrani Delmaine was born in London, England where she completed her training as a ballet dancer and teacher. She then attended the John-Cranko-Ballett Akademie in Stuttgart before being offered her first contract by John Neumeier in 1977 for the Hamburg Ballet. She later danced with the Stuttgart Ballet for three years before returning to John Neumeier in Hamburg in 1982. Indrani Delmaine worked as a ballet teacher and on dance projects with the Hamburg Youth Orchestra, “Focus on Youth”, TuSch Hamburg and workshops at the Leuphana University. Indrani Delmaine returned in 2013 as the Managing Co-ordinator of the School of the Hamburg Ballet.

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